Monstera Thai Constellation 21CM

  • 21cm pot


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Light: A monstera feels optimal in a light environment. However, never place the plant in full sun, and certainly not behind a window where the sun shines directly through. This can lead to burnt leaves. If there is no movement in the plant during the summer months – when you can get one or two new leaves every week – the plant may be too dark. Move the pot so that more daylight can fall on it. Do not count on new leaves in the winter: from October to April the monstera is inactive.

Water: The watering of this hip plant is very simple. The potting soil must always be slightly moist, but never too wet.

Plant details: The Monstera Thai Constellation is ca. 75cm with the pot, which is 21cm hight.

Variegated:  This plant is medium variegated, which means that the amount of white/yellow spots on the plant are definitely visible.

Note: All plants are different, colours and size may be different than the picture. the pictures are example pictures of the plant that you will receive

Cutting: This Monstera Thai Constellation is a matured cutting from our own mother-plants. The plant has a stable root and is strong enough for traveling.

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