The rare Monstera Thai Constellation

Impressive, spreading, easy-to-grow and low maintenance are words that describe the Monstera deliciosa ‘Thai Constellation’. This cultivar produces beautiful variegated leaves painted with splashes of creamy-yellow stripes.



Much variegated Less variegated

The Monstera Thai Constellation is dear to us at GrowJungle, as it is representing us both as a brand (our logo), and also because it was one of our most popular aroids, that gave our company a kickstart in the beginning of our journey. 

Did you know? The name “Thai Constellation” is referring to the star constellations in the sky, due to the tiny “stars” in the leaves as variegation.



much variegated Less variegated

This is how you care for it:



A monstera feels optimal in a light environment. However, never place the plant in full sun, and certainly not behind a window where the sun shines directly through. This can lead to burnt leaves. If there is no movement in the plant during the summer months – when you can get one or two new leaves every week – the plant may be too dark. Move the pot so that more daylight can fall on it. Do not count on new leaves in the winter: from October to April the monstera is inactive.


The watering of this hip plant is very simple. The potting soil must always be slightly moist, but never too wet


The humidity is the key for a successful growth. We strongly advice investing in a humidifier so that you can reach 80% humidity in the surroundings of the Thai.




The Monstera Thai Constellation – less variegated can be compared with a star pattern on the leaves. These leaves do not contain big spots of variegation, but rather more evenly spread out variegation.

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The Monstera Thai Constellation – much variegated has larger white spots on the leaves. These spots are significantly larger than the less. The genes for more variegation are therefore more “proven” within this level.

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Our Monstera Thai Constellation Special edition have unique and rare patterns on their leaves. This can be the amount of variegation or the unique pattern on the  leaves. 

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Monstera Thai Constellation

Monstera Thai Constellation 21CM