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Begonias in a nutshell

The Begonia is a beautiful houseplant that originates in moist, warm and wooded areas. It remains small in size but is big in color. Begonias have feminine and masculine flowers. The female flowers are recognizable by the triangular bulge under the flowers where the fruiting principle is located. Keep the soil slightly moist and you will enjoy your Begonia for a long time.

Currently the leaf begonias are very trendy. The strongly original leaf patterns are catching the attention of many begonia collectors. Want to know how to take care of begonias in the best way? Read down below.

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Check out other cool begonias under the “begonia” family selection under the category “houseplants”. We always try to have the broadest collection available for you to buy. Let us know if there are any specific ones you are on the hunt for.