From jungle into your home

GrowJungle is a webshop that’s continually looking for new varieties of plants to introduce on the market. The plants offered on this webshop are fresh from the greenhouses in The Netherlands, where me as owner live myself. Growing plants has been in the family for over 25 years and we would like to keep on doing what we are best at.

How do we get new varieties?

My father and I are always looking for new plants all over the world and it takes a lot of energy to accomplish in this. Many plants we already know are tropical and come from countries like Thailand and south-America. As we start the adventure of looking for new plants, we drive and jump in the jungle to look for new varieties. When we found the golden plant, we bring it back to our greenhouses in The Netherlands to find out if this plant fits in the Europa climate. When the plant likes the temperatures of Europa, we encourage the plant to make more friends so he doesn’t stay lonely in Europa.

Our qualities